SUNDAY 04 MAY 2014

Cinco de Mayo is tomorrow and as a non native I feel it is our job to help celebrate Mexican Heritage... isn't that what we all do anyway, I mean St Patricks day is more popular in New York than Ireland. I love that national holidays are recognised worldwide it is a great way to indulge in pastimes, cultures, and cuisines other than our own. I don't usually need an excuse to drink yummy cocktails and snack on the infamous salsa and guac but today .... and tomorrow I have one.

I must admit I have never really made Mexican food from scratch I'd like to think the taco box kit counts but chopping veggies and adding a spice mix is kinda cheating. By now you know that I like to take traditional things and put a spin on them this time I kept it traditional with roasted tomato salsa, creamy guacamole and oven baked tortilla chips, only swapping out the standard Margarita for that of a watermelon variety. Yes all made from scratch what I have learned about Mexican cuisine is that it is really fresh and actually quite healthy.... maybe thats why I've never made the real deal. I chose to mix up the margarita as I'm not a fan of the original for me it's too tart and tangy but adding watermelon hits the mark, making it sweeter and prettier.. thats is if you ask me. This mini menu makes a great snack or appetiser. Find individual recipes here: