Would it be wrong of me to to say the best waffles I've tasted wasn't in Belguim.... in fact it was from an Israeli company located in Australia. There are a few things I MUST do when I am back in OZ and visit Max Brenner for waffles is one of them. 

Max Brenner is a chocolate bar and retail store where pretty much everything on the menu is chocolate, from Fondue to sundaes to choc-tails or for something different you can buy an unlikely combination a chocolate pizza complete with marshmallows instead of cheese. I am ususally not that adventurous with food once I find something I like I stick to it so I usually opt for what they call the Tutti Frutti which is a waffle with ice cream fruit (bananas and strawberries) and dipping chocolate it's one of their top sellers and it never disappoints whether that a be a hot summer day or a cold winter day.  On a cold day though you have to try the hot chocolate it is DEE-VINE it's light and frothy and is made from cocoa bean with different origins that give a unique aroma served in a hug mug specifically designed for hot chocolate. The mug is shaped so that you can hug it in both hands to create the ulitmate experience of coziness warmth and fragarance. 

Make sure you check out the chocolate culture and whatever you choose I am sure you will not be disappointed but before you leave be sure to check out the in-house chocolate store for some really unique chocolate gifts too. 

For store location and or to learn more about the bald man of chocolate see the website link below