Guess whose back !! ?


Yes its me .... we're probably strangers by now


 I took a year and a bit off and I'm ready to dive head first back into my little corner of the web. We added a plus one to our family in 2015 and I'm only now finally squeezing in some spare time in to get back to writing. I don't want to fool anyone spare time is sparse and that saying one kid is one but two is twenty is proving true in our household my posts maybe slow in coming but slow and steady wins the race. Perhaps you have also noticed our 'new look' I wanted to try something different so scroll down below to find out whats new and i'll introduce you to some people you'll be seeing more of.

PHOTOGRAPHY COURTESY OF ME with special thanks to the Arabian Desert



Meet the youngest members of the Desert Dweller squad you are going to see a lot more of these guys so I thought I'd introduce them

Annabel - 3yrs A bit of  a tomboy with great hair. Loves adventure and moves at 100MPH but very much a kind and sensitive soul. Chloe -1 yr  A purse stealing insomniac who is ahead of the game, cheeky, charming  and definitely in charge -like a boss!








A few things actually....

For one you'll find all my old content just in a new format

I have two new categories a KIDS section where I'll be exploring their world with everything from toys & clothes to activities &hairstyles. The 2nd is dedicated to all things BODY MIND & SOUL.. you know discovering new sports and learning new skills and feeding the soul.

And the last one is my favourite.... I have created my own YOUTUBE channel yes Desert Dweller in motion. Once a month I plan to create a little video for your viewing pleasure, so stay tuned and be sure to subscribe