I just got this ice cream post in by the nick of time ... I said I'd stick to the 12month challenge and I'm not here to disappoint. I thought I'd take a different approach this month as summer is fast approaching. I have never made sorbet so this is new and a little easier than the other recipes I've tried. Sorbet is so refreshing during summer and Lemon has always been my go to flavour, I sourced some recipes online and found this LEMON GINGER SORBET I liked the sound of this combo. 

Now this sorbet is great for anytime of day as an afternoon treat, a granita in between courses, or a refreshing summer dessert. Even cuter is the way I've served it up in these lemon cups, what a talking point...There's nothing like repurposing the original ingredient and using it to it's maximum. The flavour is really there it's zesty with a zing of ginger and I have to say whilst grating it up I felt like I was at a day spa .... you know when they give you those cold ginger teas before your session. Ahh love it !! Anyways just a quick point I have to add I didn't have cheesecloth but I found after grating the ginger that I could just squeeze the excess juice out with my hands you will use a bit of ginger to get one tablespoon but it's well worth it for a refreshing summer sorbet!!!