It is no secret that Laduree makes some amazing macaroons and I have to say the Salted Caramel and Vanilla flavours could put me into a macaroon coma. I have to admit I have only had the infamous macaroons from Laduree a couple of times and usually in a hurry as I purchase for take away and treat myself on the way back home from Dubai. However ! I really urged you to sit down and enjoy their best kept secret..... Le Pain Perdu Tiede Laduree some fancy words for French toast and served w/ maple syrup and chantilly whipped cream. This by far is the best french toast I have ever tasted wow wow wow wow wow I have just decided This would be my last prison meal. I think maybe it has do to do with the way they make their brioche (bread)  I am not sure I can even break it down only to say it's both sweet and buttery and just melts in your mouth.

Laduree truly is a beautiful patisserie and a feast for the eyes with it's stacks of pastel coloured macaroons, glazed pastries and velvet tasseled furniture. I have to also point out it's a great place for gifting the packaging is gorgeous as is their scented range with candles and room sprays my favourite being the brioche candle.....

So play Mari Antoinette for the day in Laduree and let yourself or them 'EAT CAKE'