So my 2014 resolution is get Organised... pretty boring but so fitting for me, right! In a bid to do just that I went into my favourite stationery store Kikki.K they have so many great stationery products and they are beautifully designed ...the colours ....the prints ugh I could spend all day in there just trying to make decisions. This shop sells everything from diaries, wall calendars, pens, wrapping paper, cards, desk accessories, bags, cases, and home wares. The organisation section makes me weak at the knees it is so ORGANISED I just want bring it all home with me.

Kikki.K is a swedish company which has many stores in Australia, Singapore and New Zealand. As we know with the Sweds (hmm IKEA) everything is designed with form and function in mind, can you believe even stationery. Two out of my three purchases prove that point I bought:

 NOTEBOOK ELASTIC which helps you keep both pen and notebook together at all times whether your on the go or around the house 

CUBE NOTEPAD with a hole in centre for your pen once again is handy allowing you to always have pen and paper handy... perfect by the phone or computer (I love the idea of a black notepad with White Ink reminds me a lot of a chalkboard .... very cool).

WEEKLY PLANNER - This is my favourite purchase I found this really helpful for me last year and was so happy to be reunited with it. It is a page broken up into the 7 days of the week with room to write a daily plan, also there is room for a to do list and notes for next week 

The most exciting news I discovered after checking out is that all products are available online so organisation is only a click away. I definately left the store without a few must have's and great gift ideas .....the next one on my wish list is SENTENCE A DAY each day of the year the book asks you to list answers to a random question I think this would be great to read back at the end of the year. (of course this has nothing to do with my resolution ... but just had to share!!!!)

If you get a chance to really check out this website, you'll find a great CREATE section. It's an area you can custom make your own calendars, photobooks, notepads you name it ( would make for a really great gift idea)... I am finally in the process of making our own wedding photobook here. 

Happy shopping and planning in style!!!!