So a bloggers best tool should probably be a good use of their native language or perfect grammar (both of these lacking on my account), but I think most of us would agree it's our cameras (Oh and laptops). I think we can probably agree again, that the stock standard camera strap is lacking in personality. I thought to jazz it up completely and add an interesting look to mine and already people are asking where'd you get that strap from. Well guess what people it is the most simple DIY I've ever laid my hands on.

What you'll need :

  • Long necklaces best length is approx 95cm I found Forever 21 stocks the perfect length it's also handy if your necklace has a lobster claw.
  • Additional Lobster Claw (optional)

So here are the steps 

  • Detach the existing camera straps but don't dispose if this is not for you, you can always replace it
  • Single strap - Attach the lobster claw directly to the camera attach another lobster claw to the other end and then attach to the camera. If you have no claws buy two and attach to both ends.
  • Double strap - As per picture top and tail the lobster claw so there is one at either end attach the two necklaces together, then attach directly to the camera

Depending on what jewellery you can find you can really create some different looks. I like the neon pop of colour it's such a contrast to the dark camera. I am trying to find some leather and chain link for an evening look something that channels Chanel.

I have also thought about having something cute hanging from the camera like these TASSLES or these FLUFFY BALLS   so watch this space, Oh sooo many ideas well I'll keep you posted when I have found the ultimate combination.

Please excuse the image quality it's hard to take photos of the camera without the camera. Being the subject and all it had a good days rest and I think it enjoyed the pampering.