This month and from now on I'm going to reduce my posts and work on quality versus quantity. I have also been asked to style a birthday party and baby shower at the end of the year so I want to put some focus and time there. I am super excited about this, if you know me then you'll know this is something I have always wanted to do. i love crafty handmade bespoke things done well, hopefully in time this is something I could do full time... anyways I'll keep you updated on how it goes and send some pictures at some stage till then enjoy the wrap up of this month.


Have you guys heard of T25 it's a new fitness program thats supposed to give results of an hour workout in 25 minutes - the selling point for me is not the before and after shots of people or the testimonials but the mere fact that I can do this at home barefoot in my pyjamas (just jokes) and it's only 25mins. I have tried one session and you'll quickly find out how intense it is I might have been crippled for a week after - but that could be the fact I haven't done any exercise in a while. Anyway I'm gonna give it a go purely for it's connivence during the summer. I'm not sure how it ended up on our tv but it's there. It looks like you have to pay a few instalments or you could always come round to my place for more info see here the link below 




  • Oscar dresses worn by best actress over the years a great evolution of fashion HERE
  • Tested and tried this is the easiest way to separate eggs from egg whites I swear by it HERE
  • The cutest little guy on facebook Legography HERE and HERE he travels the world in pictures
  • You know you were a teenager in the 2000's when you ...... see HERE 
  • Kids send fake text messages Although I'm not condoning this .. I had a little chuckle see HERE 


  • Looking to try out my first Iftar, will try during Ramadan this year
  • Having some fun with flowers... you'll see 
  • Still working on that you tube post - patience is key
  • After a failed trip to Doha in June we try yet again in July 
  • Viva Le France a week in the South - Uzes