I hate this time of year, when The Block (the tv show) starts it makes me want to renovate, refurnish, or redo our perfectly fine villa. Everything thats new in our place seems old again, once I see their room reveals. Luckily for me there are some parts of our house that do need a jazz up we have bare walls screaming for artwork. We have finally replaced our dowdy dinning chairs with a mix up of black wooden chairs and a bench seat. We both loved the idea of this combo and finally went for it. Along with enjoying the show and the drama I have been doing some window shopping on THE BLOCK SHOP here are some of my favourites below : perhaps they will magically appear in our place.

It's been fun to watch last months sensation that was the ice bucket challenge funnily enough our 2 year old took part with her bucket in the swimming pool without direction, without knowing and without wasting water. Regardless of my opinion the gift of giving is a wonderful thing as is awareness.. I'm hoping more than ONE charity benefits from all this ...


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  • Go Proing-  test run with the go pro 
  • Dip and tie dying 
  • Cleaning out my closet
  • Nursery for my little girl .... oh and I'm sure I'll be joining the class too lol