This hands down my favourite place to visit in the world apart from my home there is nothing I crave more than an Italian hit. So when 5 free days popped up into our schedule and the question where would you like to go? is asked there is no other place that stands a chance, than Italy. In hindsight I should probably be ticking off unchartered territories but is truth the predictability of weather food and had me sold. You've seen the vlog (and if you haven't click HERE) but I thought to share some photos and information I know alot of you are on your summer vacations but if your not and your stumped for a place to go I think you should consider a taste of ITALY it wont let you down.


We stayed in a apartment instead of hotel room for that extra space, apartment amenities, and location location. It was located in the Campo Marizo area on a small but busy street connected to the main bustling veins of the city. It had a original wooden bar like ceilings, oversized louver windows that when opened bathed the apartment with light and noise from the street below and was located two floors up hidden from street view behind an emerald green door. It was spacious, light, white and ever so charming I was devastated to leave. 

 Gelato  :   FRIDIGARUIM  Via del Governo Vecchio, Roma        Pasta :   TONARELLO Via della Paglia, 1, 00153 Roma,

We have spent time before in Rome however there is always this magnetic pull to visit the big attractions, in truth though if you walk the city enough you will stumble on these treasures. It has always surprised  me to turn the corner of a small alleyway only to find the most profound building, fountain or monument  greet you in your face, Rome really is awe-some place. We did just that walked the city and stopped for food glorious food, on the 3 days we were there .......we actually averaged 11km daily with 2 small kids not bad right. Our definition of a holiday might be different to yours.

Pizza :  PIZZERIA DA BAFFETTO Via del Governo Vecchio, 114, 00186 Roma ( hands down favourite pizza shop so simple & delicious )









We always try to bring an element of fun to our trips with the kids just to give them a time out from touring.  For sure during any trip we try to track down a garden or outdoor park and have it on standby should we need. On this occasion I think this activity had us al little more excited than them. We tracked down a four person bicycle. The gardens are quite large so we got around pretty quick and it was a fun ride the bell did get good use. Don't let the exercise deter you there is an electric motor to help you up the inclines.

lake como

To be so lucky to wake up and spend 24 hours in on and around  Lake Como on your birthday. That was me!!! We made sure before leaving that we'd discover a place we'd never seen before and we were left wanting more. If you've been before you know what I mean and if you haven't its something to be seen. We ventured out of Lake Como in search of a little magic in a little town called Varenna and we got it.  It quite captured our hearts. Although Lake Como itself is quite a beautiful place I really believe time spent on the water and town hopping is where its' at is, as well as fawning over the various opulent villas, to be here is like being in the presence of a supermodel there are no bad angles This place has unfinished business with us .......I know I will return.







32 scoops of Gelato

24 slices of pizza

23 glasses of prosecco


Milan was our departure city purely due to flight loads I wouldn't necessarily recommend visiting in my opinion there are more noteworthy cities to see. If you are to visit there is really only one attraction The Duomo, this gothic cathedral church is grand and its silhouette is something to behold in person. It has taken 6 centuries to build and is still not complete it also has the most decorative figures with over 3,400 and you can accurately set your watch by the sundial located at the entrance to the cathedral. It is so precise all clocks around Milan are set using it. I cant recommend enough though the trip to the rooftop Terrazzo the stunning views over the city the photo opportunities and walking amongst the architecture will have you in awe.

Here is a tip you will thank me for ..... buy your tickets online you will walk straight in and jump the queue. The lines to visit the church are obscene I have never seen anything like it even for early morning tourists.  We went through musement all you need to do is pick up the tickets from the box office prior and your all set.