The only thing you'll find in our freezer at the moment is ice cubes... I've gone ice cube crazy. Could it be a current obsession with the new movie Frozen I just can't seem to LET IT GO. (tsk tsk lol) One of my all time favourite things is water I love it ... but it has to be cold so it's no surprise I am into this little DIY. I know water can be pretty bland at times so infusing ice cubes is a great way to elevate it with a little more flavour. 

I was originally just trying out fresh fruits but then it took a turn down crazy lane with garden flowers, layered fruit juices, and coffee having options isn't such a bad thing after all. 

Here are the my picks but be creative with your add ins.

Fresh Fruit - Raspberries, Blueberries,strawberries and cranberries

Flowers & Herbs - Rosemary, Mint , small garden flowers ( serve with a straw that way you don't accidentally drink them up, or if you can possibly use edible flowers)

Coffee - 1 shot of espresso I used the Nespresso capsules in Vanilla flavour

Juices/Coconut - I used a combination of ready to use juice with a fresh made combo of cucumber lime and kiwi freeze these individually or for a pretty effect layer them up with coconut milk. For the layered effect fill each cube at a different level then freeze after solid apply the next layer until desired pattern has been achieved.

Best tip I can give and it truly makes a difference is to boil your water before freezing it, it will make the cubes clear as opposed to cloudy so you can see your beautiful fruits and flowers.