TUESDAY 27 MAY 2014


Honolulu was our last port of call before heading home. If you are Australian and have travelled to Honolulu in particular Waikiki, would you agree that it reminds you of Surfers Paradise?? It felt a little like home!!! I could draw so many comparisons to Australia on this trip but it's a case of same same but different. The big tick for me : their waves break further out to sea so the shoreline is not so rough making it impossible to get dumped... sound so informed don't I. Hawaii will make anyone sound like a beach bum.

Honolulu is a shoppers mecca with the Waikiki Beach Walk, Al Moana Centre and factory outlets I can't even begin to explain, but I do my best work in those little markets and boutiques of which there is enough. Lucky we only had a small budget on the way home . With a short stay we spent our days with activities in the morning like Diamond head and the Pearl Harbour Memorial (both must do's by the way) reserving the afternoon for relaxation on the beach. Although Waikiki Beach was littered with people there is a nice atmosphere and the beach did not feel claustrophobic. We had some humorous afternoons watching people tick surfing off their bucket lists ... there was one hilarious episode of 2 Japanese girls trying surf on a boogie board. 

Here is our Honolulu stay in pictures, I wish the beach boys would be playing in the background as you scroll, it would totally transport you. Sorry to my Dad and Brother hope your not too jealous ....longboards ..surfs up!!!!

1-2,6-7 Ukulele,Coconuts, Pineapples and Hawaiian Shirts night markets, 3-5 Waikiki Beach Walk, 8-12 Pearl Harbour, 13-18 Diamond Head, 19-21 Moana Surfrider Westin Hotel, 22-32 Waikiki beach.      


  • TIME : 3 days 
  • LOCATION : Shoreline Apartments 
  • MUST DO'S : Diamond Head , Pearl Harbour, Ala Moana Centre 
  • SHOP SPOTS : Turquoise on Seaside Av & Hawaii Kawaii Kaiulani Ave
  • RECOMMENDED RESTAURANT : Doraku Japanese (Firecracker Shrimp)
  • Tip: Plan you dinner reservation fairly early or reserve if you can things get crazy busy around dinner time.