I've always read about in magazines and wanted to try a recipe for homemade body scrubs. I guess since discovering the morrocan bath and how good your skin glows I got motivated to try, not only that but I came across this recipe which has some of my favourtie cupboard ingredients: vanilla and cinnamon. The beauty of this recipe is that most people will have some of the ingredients already. The coconut oil was my only purchase. If you buy a big jar of coconut oil don't throw it out you'll be surprised what it can be used for see this link

See the recipe below it smells so good you'll want to eat... BUT DON'T.... it's not edible.

1 cup coconut oil 

3 cups of brown raw sugar

1 teaspoon vanilla extract concentrate

1/2 teaspoon of ground cinnamon

Simply mix all the dry ingredients together. Then gradually add the oil, mix whilst pouring. Stop when you reach the right consistency. I like mine to be less oily so you see and feel the grains of sugar with a slight slippery feel. It is all just a matter of preference though.

To use just spoon a small amount of mixture onto your fingertips and scrub over your skin, you'll feel the exfoliation from the sugar, once done rinse off with warm water. 

I am really loving the use of the common jar so thought I'd show you a cute way to package up the scrub as a gift idea. Too easy looks good even as an accessory for your bathroom lol. Happy Scrubbing!!!