I thought the days of bringing back tacky and knick knack-y souvenirs had departed me that was until we came back from our last vacation and I put them to good use. 

Before you gift out those souvenir or throw your old ticket stubs coins and/or maps consider making this super easy DIY Travel Memory Box. I made this one as a keepsake for my daughter with memorabilia from our first family vacation together. All it really comes down to is decorating a box. I used a local map from Hawaii and covered both the base and top of the box leaving the silver edges bare. I then cut and pasted to the top of the box the word Aloha which I typed up in Word and printed. I suggest using different fonts for different boxes but you could adorn it was anything really. When it comes to filling the box sky's the limit I put in a few photos, some cliche Hawaii things like the bouncy lady and some hibiscus, some currency ticket stubs and a hand written postcard with highlights of the trip... oh we also passed through Japan so there is a karate headband

Display them on your coffee table, bookcase or beside table it's a great tangible stroll down memory lane, and makes a great talking point.Gift to those staying with you from abroad or those hosting you at their place ... I knocked up one for our next visitors I just need to personalise it with some photos.