It was exactly a year ago today that my blog went live but I'll touch on that in a couple of days with a separate post. In the meantime I thought it was fitting to revisit the same subject of Halloween Pumpkins by shedding them in a different light. My original post SPOOKY CARVINGS was true to the spirit of Halloween scary spooky and very traditional but this time round I took a different road... you can call them glam funky and rockstar. There are so many different ways you can dress your pumpkins and you only need to visit Pinterest for inspiration. I wanted to use a couple of different techniques so I opted for paint sparkle and studs. Pumpkins are overpriced (34DHS per Kg)so this year I went for 2 medium sized affordable ones but focused more on those cute little white ones sooooo much cheaper. 

These pumpkins are way to pretty to leave lying around the front door do they are going to serve as a centrepiece for our table and maybe halloween night they'll debut on the outdoor window sill. 

What you need : 

  • Pumpkins - A variety of shapes sizes and colours
  • Paint - I used acrylic and spray paint 
  • Studs or sparkly embellishments
  • Tweezers 
  • Superglue 
  • Masking Tape 
  • Scissors 
  • Small Paint Roller

I found these sparkles in both gold and silver in Walmart (whilst in Canada) they are sold as strips that you can cut to size and adhere to a surface however I used superglue for extra reinforcement.

I love these studs there are the rockstar pumpkins to me - I also found these in Walmart in both a round and square shape. I spray painted some gold to go against the orange. Best way to apply is with a pair of tweezers and super glue. The backs are flat so they easily stick to any surface.

This is the biggest challenge by far !! My advice go for the simplest pattern you can master unlike me. I was really deadset on doing a chevron and I have to tell you it aint easy. Perhaps starts with stripes. Once you have your desired pattern be sure to cover parts of the pumpkin you don't want painted with tape. I found spray paint worked best here. Once dry, peel the tape away be sure to be careful it is delicate. It didn't turn out as perfect as I would have liked but I am happy with my first attempt.

Here's whats cool about pumpkins they have a natural ridge that is perfect for painting against. I thought it would be cool to do a stripey affect and thought for sure I would need to use tape and spray paint however I found hand painting is the easiest way to achieve this look. You need a steady hand but the ridges help keep you in place creating an even line and a dramatic effective end result,

The last paint effect I experimented with is spots. Take the edge of a small paint roller dip it in paint and dab it on randomly. It will come up with a bubbly texture but its hardly noticeable from a distance. It's playful fun and you could do this with any foam shape you could find.

Voilla there you go some pumpkins with character ... I urge you to have a go and show me your creations ... think big like glitter, embellishments and most importantly have fun. At least these guys will last a little longer than the carved variety - whose face drops faster than you can eat your 'trick or treat' candy