It's really true immersion is the best way to speak a language - by that I mean going to a foreign country and throwing yourself in the deep end and deep in the language,this has proved true for me here. I have surprised myself with my a new found confidence to speak my limited french with strangers and make it work, It's been really great to practise speaking and listening especially to real accents of course there have been some not so perfect moments when marchè and Marsielle have been mistaken (which is funny if you know the context) or pretending I understand and nodding away saying oui oui ...but ultimately fact of the matter the survival mode seems to kick in.

 Something has also peaked an interest in Annabel too whether it be the copious amounts of petite princess or trying to keep up with her cousins she has really begun to speak it and even if its not in the right context everytime or a big bunch of frenglish it really proves this theory and for that I am happy. 

Today I declare friday french I am sharing with you some photos from my camera I thought it could be a fun activity to write down the first thing I thought of. So in the photos you will find the word in French, below that is the phonetic pronunciation and then the english translation. Hopefully a regular post to boost my vocabulary and maybe you'll learn something too.