Let's be FRANK first I am a coffee scrubber not a coffee drinker.

I love a brand that does one thing really well so well they turn a coffee loather into a coffee lover. Let me introduce you to FRANK a "humble coffee scrub" that has been receiving a lot of hype in successfully dealing with acne, psoriases, stretch marks and cellulite...... and just being a dam good body scrub.

I had heard many things about FRANK and was even more excited when a girlfriend gifted me a sachet. I must admit I'm pretty basic with skincare and beauty products and I'm usually a sceptic with miracle creams etc. but this stuff is the real deal. Frank smells like a big cup of coffee with a hint of orange and has the same texture as  ground coffee. It is used like any other scrub and even though at times it might feel a little rough it never leaves the skin red or scratchy the only thing you'll have to deal with is a dirty bathroom.... I'll be real with you it can get messy. But let me tell you the truth instantly you get results, your skin feels sooo smooth and supple the scent still lingers and your skin perks up .....a dose of caffeine does that to us after all right ? . My advice is to target those rough place like the knees and elbows and use this scrub before shaving you'll get an incredible close shave. I used the original however he does come in coconut & grapeseed and cacao both are a variation doing things slightly different but sounds amazing scent wise.

At this time I can't speak for the cellulite and stretch marks, this is a more timely project, however I believe fiends have seen the difference  and there are many testimonials on the website. All I know is it that from my two applications I have been impressed with the results of my skin, its never felt or looked better. I can say if this is the only benefit I receive from the scrub I will still be happy and repurchasing.

FRANK is Aussie made, all natural, comes in a waterproof pack with some cheek and humour, three different variations and international shipping. Don't tell me you can't get you hands on him. So get naked get dirty get rough get clean get your hands on him now!!!

For more information see here  FRANK WEBSITE