I 've never been a fan of tattoos I can appreciate them on other people but could never commit to something so permanent on myself. However just recently I've seen these metallic temporary tattoos trending big time by people and had to double take.. this stuff looks like real jewellery . This is something I could get into after all. It's all a fun a bit cool and every so shiny and glam.

I've done quite a bit of research trying to find the best to test run them myself and in my opinion Flashtat definitely has the best range and quality however I have been unable to purchase and deliver here in the UAE. Bummer !!!! I was lucky this week and stumble upon them here in Dubai I found a small stall that sells them in Dragon mart and if you know this place then you'll know how impossible it would be for me to describe where I found it.

They come in a pack of four sheets and you can interpret how you wear them yourself get creative and turn them into some cool jewels or designs of your own liking. They are super easy to apply and last between 4-6 days. These are ageless and limitless and would make a great little stocking stuffer in time for Xmas.

Hey it's all just a little temporary fun and if your thinking where could I ever wear this think festivals, to the beach, parties and concerts be as bold or as subtle as you like. I'm loving them worn like stacked bracelets and the henna style on the feet. Here's how others out there are wearing theirs :