I have been thinking of late to find some creative ways to avoid the heat this summer and just by chance I was also given the offer of trialling a spa treatment. Usually a trip to the spa takes a few hours but if it's anything like Yas Viceroy's ESPA you could literarily spend all day enjoying the facilities, thus a great way to skip the heat for the day.

ESPA is nestled in one of the corners of the Viceroy Hotel and sits over the Yas Formula 1 track with it's indulgent chocolate walls, walnut doors, deep purple accents, and vibrant orchids. In contrast is their relaxation room with high ceilings marbled white lounge chairs which open out to the marina and a light therapy room which is like nothing I've seen before... a long tube shaped space thats filled with white pillows and cushions and plays orchestra music. As you sit back and lounge you gaze up at hundreds of micro fibre optics which change colour and its mesmerising.

Let talk treatments when it comes to spa's which I don't do much at all I prefer to focus on my face rather than massages on this occasions I was lucky my therapist snuck a quick little 15minutes neck back and arms in ... the beauty of this place is they will tailor your needs. And don't for a second underestimate a petite woman because she sure packed a punch. I was given the hydration and age defying facial we talked about skin concerns and I got to see for myself using the UV light the problem areas, with that we focused on them. That light is a scary way to see yourself in by the way. Something a little special they allow you to choose the scented oils they burn in the room and use during massage. `Back to the facial I spent about 1 hour and 15minutes being deep cleansed, squeezed, masked, and lathered up in layer after layer of cream and oil so as you can imagine I came out feeling comatose, in a good way. Despite feeling oily and shiny on the outside I was told the importance of not washing my face for the next 5 hours and letting it seep into the skin and as good as the facial felt on the day nothing is better than seeing the results a few days later. For sure my skin was smoother and brighter and I felt much fresher... a big improvement.

I highly recommend you try ESPA, the menu can be a little bit pricey but they have some really good promotions if you keep an ear out. If your looking for quality this is the place the staff are qualified, they don't push product and more than helpful without being in your face unless you choose the facial. For more information see the link below