Looking for somewhere to eat tonight ?? ... Entrecote Cafe de Paris is the answer I swear by it. Why!!! The Cafe De Paris Sauce, free flowing fries, a bit of theatre and Justin Timberlake eats here. Is that enough??

It's simple really the menu is set so the only choice you need to make is which cut of meat you prefer. We always take the New Zealand beef and they'll cook it to your liking. There is a flow to the service so as an entre you will receive a big bowl of salad with a zesty dressing this is probably to make you feel better about the fries your likely to consume. If you manage to finish you'll feel like a rabbit but never fear the steak will be on it's way. It is already cooked and laid on a bed of the most amazing sauce you'll ever taste but placed over a burner so the sauce has time to cooked down and bubble in front of you. At this time your fries will also arrive and as mentioned they are free flowing so they will top you up as you go. I recommend you scoop as much of the sauce as you can for your meat but drizzle on your fries as well and if no one is looking then lick the plate ... I know you won't be able to help it. Maybe the reason this restaurant runs like clockwork is because they don't need to do the dishes... most customer lick the plates clean... lol !

We always bring visiting family and friends here and it's a big hit. The beauty of a set meal is consistency, it always tastes the same we've never had a bad meal not only that but because of the set flow it can be a quick meal ...of course you can always drag it out and request more fries. Oh and the Justin Timberlake part he was dining at the Paris restaurant on the Champs Elysees right above us... true story.

Entrecote is located in Abu Dhabi in the Shangri La and Duabi in The Dubai Mall or you can try the Paris Version on The Champs Elysees and don't be fooled by the old school decor, it's a bit Parisian Boudoir a window seat will give you a nice view of the canal but really you'll be too focused on the food to notice.