So with Easter just around the bend and chocolate on my mind I got to thinking what I could make that was a little inventive a little more grown up and a bit of fun. I came up with the idea myself ( I swear) of Easter Bark kinda like rocky road a mish mash of sorts and then I found out I was not so original. Anyways I am ran with my (not so original) idea by  creating my own recipe. I thought it would be good idea to repurpose the existing Easter `Egg by melting it down and then using whatever other small candies or chocolate eggs you have to brighten it up and make the bark more interesting. I am lucky to have a husband that flies to America so I was spoilt for choice when it comes to candies and I really like the pastel M&M's they have out there... they just scream Easter.

Here's how the really simple recipe goes; 

  • Start with a base I used whole pretzels and crushed Oreo cookies spread out on a baking tray with wax paper
  • Melt down your chocolate I used 4 medium white chocolate easter eggs because that's my favourite and the white looks great against the colours.
  • Drizzle the melted chocolate over the crushed pretzels and Oreos
  • Sprinkled your candies I used pastel M&M's marshmallows and M&m eggs. 
  • Refrigerate so everything sets 
  • To break the bark fold the ends of the paper into each other and it will break itself.

We might munch on a few pieces here but I have gifted these up for some of my lovely ladies - our expat family sometimes we don't get to enjoy these holidays with loved ones back home so it's great to have friends like them to be with. I thought to add a little something cute as not everyone is into chocolate but most ladies can appreciate a pretty pastel pot of nail polish.