Yep I did I succumbed to the power that is the Diptyque candle, fact is they do cost a small fortune, smell incredibly good and are so pretty to look at.... but whats more when all the wax melts they can be transformed into a vessel for almost anything. If you are a candle lover like me and have some pretty jars of wax coming to an end don't throw them away they can be re used recycled or repurposed in unlimited ways some of which I'm going to show you today.

As you can see here I used various sizes and colours which makes it all the more interesting it's just a fact smaller jars holder smaller things well oh and I also used a different brand - Jo Malone they too have beautiful fragrances and much like Diptyque a classic sticker on the front, but really you could use any candle jar you wish. 

One of my favourite ways to use the jars is as a naughty or nice platter.... the jars assembled on a platter and then filled with either savoury or sweet treats spilling out the top. I have also seen the potential in holding some desk essentials and beauty products in my bathroom ... but at it's best a vase for some beautiful blooms. These are all simple ways to elevate the jar. Of course before any of this can go down we have the fun part to clean the jars, I've provided a few simple steps below that work for me....

To clean up start by using a spoon lift up the wick and start scrapping any residual wax from the sides and bottom. Once finished used a dry paper towel pressing hard to wipe away any of the black burn marks and wax If wax persists fill the jars with warm water wait for a couple of minutes before scraping and wiping again.

For extra clarity use some window cleaner and wipe down with some paper towels. Voila let's start filling these guys up