Disney hasn't been on our radar or at least we thought until the girls were a little bit older but finding ourselves in Paris and looking for something to do we decided to pop our Disneyland cherry. I didn't have the highest expectation thinking it would be long queues, tired kids, and big crowds but was pleasantly surprised with how our 12 hour day played out so much so that I can't wait to go back.

We made it pretty basic which could be the winning formula of course we only took in a tenth of the what the park offered. We did a couple of rides rode the train committed our lives to not missing the frozen show met Minnie Mouse and ended off the day with eating ice cream whilst watching the Disney Parade which by the way is not to be missed and I'm passing on that piece of wisdom to any fellow disney goers. It's really magical the 1st 2nd and even then 3rd time round.

Another piece of wisdom I will gladly pass on too ...  Don't decide its a genius idea to break in news shoes on day like this you will not get the 'happiest place on earth feeling' you will most probably however waddle around like your themepark counterpart Donald Duck