I've been into a few things lately pastel hues like mint and lavendar and colour dipping especially furntiure but also tableclothes and curtains it's very cool edgy and a bit bold.  In a nutshell colour dipping is adding the tips of an object to paint creating two tones just type it into google and you'll get the drift. Anyway I have combined my two loves into one little home project.

I got a little inspired after our summer in the French markets I saw lots of wooden utensils with a pop of colour on the ends for sale. Instead of buying I knew for sure I could knock this DIY up at home and you can too, it's a great way to update those boring old wooden spoons. They look so great you'll want to display them instead of hiding them in the back of a drawer.

Super simple and with only a few steps here what you'll need to start 

  • Wooden Utensils 
  • Paint (oil based enamel will stick to the paint)
  • Masking/ Duct Tape 
  • Two bowls one the fits inside the other

Start by taping your utensils wrap it around the stem of the utensil to the desired length it's a great idea to vary them

Take your favourite colour palette - really anything works once again Oil enamel will stick best to wooden objects. I applied two coats for a more even finish. 

Take one bowl and put it inside the other there will be a gap slot the spoons in and they can dry freely.

Once dry take the tape off for the big reveal!!! Voillla