DAY 6 



An important lesson that gets lots over Xmas is the gifting of giving (at least to those less fortunate) ... We went through our toys, books and clothes and made a pile of each to donate. I have to laugh I thought the concept might be lost on Annabel but when I asked her who we should pass our toys onto she thought about it for a bit then answered Santa Claus - he needs to give gifts to all the girls and boys lol hee hee technically not wrong if you think about it. She was really happy to do this extremely generous with all her things and definitely not a hoarder but she was disappointed we weren't able to drop it off to real kids.

I recommend everyone give this one a go it can't be hard to  old toys when we know over Christmas new toys are incoming. I found the books were a little harder to part with so we were really frugal with them as opposed to the loads of blankets and towels we had but they generally are quite handy/useful for those in need. It has been a little spring clean so that also results in double the feeling of goodness.

Being here in the UAE there is no shortage of people who could use a small surprise whether it be your security your cleaner, your babysitter. We gave away half to a local SMILE bin in Al Reef because of it's convenience and another I'll drop off to Shamida an Orphanage in Ethiopia that has been brought to our attention by a close friend... there really is no one more deserving than this lady she truly deals with the daily struggles of keeping her orphanage running and is extremely happy for any type of donation.