DAY 5 



After dinner last night we swapped out our regular TV before bed in lieu of a family games night. I know these advent activities are supposed to be Christmas related and although this might not seem the case the importance here is just to be with the family and do something together, something different that brings joy. Game night can be anything from building the tallest tower with blocks or putting a puzzle together to playing card games like SNAP or UnO.

Maybe it was me who was most excited I love games and I love watching them love playing them too... we played some favourites from my Youth. Guess Who, Twister and Jenga. Despite the box stating 6 years plus they were all manageable for a 4 year old with some assistance. These are completely different games but fun and before you realise it they are actually teaching you things. Twister is physical but we learnt about left and right and that I'm not as flexible as I used to be, Guess Who is a bit more mental teaching the process of elimination (oh you can also personalize Guess Who to include your own family/friends now) and Jenga is a real balancing act maybe designed for future engineers (oh and little fingers are a big advantage if you ask me). You definitely have to put your competitiveness aside and let them win they have egos to protect at this age. 

I am not going to sugar coat it if you can put your toddler to bed first then it makes life a little easier they don't play by the rules as you can see it twister turned into a tug of war game, the spool got broken and Guess who only just survived. Despite this it was successful and might turn into a weekly thing for us. After you put the kids to bed it could be a fun activity for adults to continue.





Guys if you are looking for a great Xmas gift idea I think this is a winner. I have no doubt you'll find something for every age and it's something you can gift a family if they are hosting Xmas. Here are a few that look really interesting:

  • Cards Against Humanity 
  • Speak Out 
  • Cluedo
  • Scattegories 
  • Pie Face 
  • Scrabble Twist 
  • Yoga Spinner 
  • Rally Up
  • Lift It
  • Dinosaur Escape
  • The 3 Little Piggies