I know it has been going around for a few years now but it really never gets old. Today in between school and ballet we had a few hours to ELF OURSELVES. A simple easy activity a tone of fun lots of laugh and definitely not just for the kids . For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about elf yourself  is a interactive website that allows you to upload you a photo of yourself onto dancing elves bodies that can be made into a video with music. You can add up to 5 family members or friends and choose from a range of different scenes and music. We enjoyed the Secret Santa, Honky Tonk and `Hip Hop shop, I actually managed to include 2 of our favourite videos below for a laugh. I think it works better if you can find a picture of yourself facing forward and with a funny facial expression. There are some other websites with a similar concept like JIBJAB - here you can also make Xmas cards which is fun. On another note there is a website that allows you to personalize a message from Santa to your child this is fun too its you can find it HERE

Here is the link ELF YOURSELF