We opened a low key, easy activity today but it was met with more enthusiasm than I expected on both parts. For Chloe dumping a crafts tray in front of her was like watching a kid at Xmas (mission accomplished). Today she came out looking like she'd been to Coachella - up to her eyeballs in glitter... Remember what I told you about toddlers and shiny things. For Annabel I was just going to print off a 'letter to Santa' template from Pinterest and fill it out asking her the questions, but my printer was broken. Instead I copied the template to oversized paper and had Annabel trace in the answers herself, which was a real hit she really enjoyed this part I think she especially liked that is was her handwriting filling in the blanks. The funny part is the gift answers not gonna lie we paused on the naught and nice question but she choose nice at 4 these guys know whats at stake. Maybe its an age thing but the only thing she was really sure to put on the wish list was lipstick and nail polish for Chloe eeeekkkk already ... she already got some play ones for her birthday but I guess her supply is running low I suspect in years to come we'll run out of room on the list. I know I put together a gift guide this week but if you really want to know what they want this is the perfect way.

We then dumped some glitter Chloe style and folded it on it's merry way. Nothing is cuter than their handwriting but I really cant wait for the day when it's their own words and reasoning.






I picked up this reusable felt envelope from Pottery Barn a couple of years ago  and am finally able to use it (sadly it's not available now) it has cute little velcro stamp and is already embroidered with Santa's address in lapland - thank god for that I had no idea where I'd find his address. we just put our handmade letter in the envelope and put it under the tree. Obviously it will magically disappear and unfortunately for me lipstick will appear on Xmas day.

For some thing different I looked on Pottery Barns website they have this cute Chair back letters to Santa Mailbox