DAY 22



I tried but we fell a couple of days short on the ol advent. Tonight is Xmas Eve I'd seen these cute little Xmas Eve box ideas and thought I could make my own one up  filled with some fun things to do tonight not too much just a little Xmas dusting we already have Pyjamas but their winter great excuse to throw in a summer PJ. A little DVD we'll watch tonight with some popcorn and a the night before Xmas a book the ultimate book to read we will sprinkle the lawn with the reindeer food and leave santas key don't know about you but we don't have a chimney so he needs some assistance. And that about wraps it up, Oh I also included their sacks which aren't big because we don't have bulky gifts. 

A tradition I really like is to go to mass I love hearing the carols in church midnight mass is especially nice but a touch too late for us here. We have a special delivery from Abu Dhabi so we might miss the early mass too. I know a lot of families open one present the night before and even in some countries Xmas is celebrated more than Xmas Day. What are your traditions ?? Maybe food to eat or special places to go ......