DAY 21



This is a pretty popular tradition with most families and it's a fun one toot that never seems to get old amusing all ages. Lucky for us we found an area in Warner thats has really a worthwhile street of Christmas lights to see. For those of you wanting to check some out on the Northside there is a good strip on OAKWOOD drive and LACEWOOD Circuit, a lot of care delicate placement and love has been put into decorating these houses and it shows it's great when a whole street participates and lingering neighbours and visitors fill the streets and kids shriek with joy over whelmed by light, and adults are in awe or shock of the proposed electricity bills walking away we think of the fortunes spent, but nothing takes away from the joy we feel when these people allow us into their imaginations and creativity oh gosh and their competence with cables power boards and flailing bulbs. How beautiful is the gift of light!!!