DAY 19



I'm a bit behind my schedule here we only just got internet back last night ....So now I am playing catch up.

Ahead of their debut on Xmas Eve today we made some reindeer food for the animals stamina come the big night (it's a big job) of course there is the traditional carrot but we opted for something a bit special. We added some grains, a bit of glitter so they can spot it in the dark oh and on this side of town they'll all about sequins and cereal. 

There is no real recipe we just threw together what we have  in the cupboard and added some festive colours and sparkle. Equal parts oats, cheerios, glitter sequins make up our mix we just stirred up the pot then filled some plastic bags and and added some eyes and a rudolph nose just for fun. . You could bag them up and give them to the kids Xmas eve to put out for the reindeers like we did - they could either leave a pile on the front door or sprinkle it on the lawn prior whatever takes your fancy.