DAY 18



Whilst you are reading this I am still mid-flight about to land and hopefully with all my sanity. ..( It's magic .... just smoke and mirrors my post are electronically set up). We made a last minute decision to spend Xmas with the family down under and todays adventure is the plane ride there. I'm traveling alone with the girls ( I expect some drama but hope for the best) with Hugo to join us for a couple of days. These guys are excited to hop on a plane and to be honest I still get a little buzz I am so excited for the motherland and all the people I will see and all the goodies I will eat.

I have an active 19month so I've loaded up my bag with little jars to screw on activities books stickers and knick knacks to keep us occupied but I am sure I'll be walking the aisle for 12 hours straight. Anyways not much to say here but Bon Voyage we're on or way. It's great that this travel day is the activity today we had no time today it's been non-stop with 4 hours sleep.