DAY 17



If you ask me I'll tell you Xmas is defiantly better spent in a winter country (preferably with snow) and if you've experienced one before you'll probably agree, there's something so magical about it. It's the reason so many warm countries scramble to try to imitate a white Xmas despite the lack of the cold. In saying this we took advantage of a free ticket and hit up Winterfest today, it's exactly that winter imitated in a warm country. Winterfest is currently running in Ferrari World and if there was ever a time to go it's now on top of all the usual rides the park is light up and celebrating christmas and it really suits it. 

Today we were able to do some ice skating, make snow angels, have a snowball fight with some elves and meet a polar bear (which will really have you questioning it's realness) we did miss out on the snow slope rides but coming Sunday you'll be able to have the chance to do it. In addition to this there are many little shows, and dancers going on around the park and there's an opportunity to meet Santa. We enjoyed just walking through the village all light up and listening to the christmas music. You could easily spend the whole day here.

Winterfest is on until early January, it is free for children under 3 and gives Etihad a 20% discount.