DAY 15



We had a pretty physical activity planned today but this past week this family has been under the weather, so we swapped days and took ourselves out for dinner under the night sky. Okay I might have gone a little off to make this one work but it does. Many of you have probably seen or heard  about Last Exit on your way to Dubai -  if you haven't its a park filled with foodtrucks complete with a nice dining area to enjoy your food and some fun games for the kids to play. It has that street market feel but it also caters for those of you on the run with the option to drive thru, although I can't imagine you'd want to skip the ambience of this place. 

The food is really worth the trip it's really tasty street stuff, there is such an array of cuisines here Italian, Mexican, American and Emirati with everything from hotdogs to lobster rolls and even an authentic poutine (my husband claims the best attempt in the UAE) there are many options for dessert too. When you are finished you can enjoy a few carnival style games however you'll probably be happy to just soak up the surrounds.

It's a really different dinning experience that aside from the kitsch idea is worth it , if your coming from Abu Dhabi the ride there and back is easy enough not sure how it works from Dubai, but lets see maybe an overpass will be built or even another version.... one could only hope, but since that doesn't effect us right now meh.