DAY 14



I thought I'd put together a little gift for Annabel's teachers for Xmas something that we could make together that was relatively easy, cheap, and cute. I thought the snow globe gift card would be perfect. I actually made this two years ago in a different way so if you want to check that post out you can click HERE. 

I bought her two teachers an ALSHAYA card each and put some money on the card, enough to cover three coffee or a book or some stationary supplies, or candle at least the choice is theirs. Alshaya covers a whole bunch of brands so the card can be used at multiple stores. The process is quite simple really we glued a few ornaments to the base using crazy glue, popped in the snow, glitter and lastly card then decorated with a bow. 

This time round I thought we'd do it without water, I wasn't sure these cards would still work after being dunked in water and I didn't want to risk it. Thats being said I think the end result is still similar.