DAY 13



We had the opportunity to meet Santa today yes he is 2 weeks early and did ditch the sleigh for a boat ride ..... way too cool but it was possibly just a little acquaintance with the UAE before his big debut on Xmas eve. We don't have a good record with the big man in red but we did well this year, it was probably the lure of a gift, or maybe just a maturity thing. Either way we had a fun afternoon at the Sheraton with face painting, balloons & games with the french community. I'm sure you can find Santa at any mall in the UAE possibly with the chance to take a photo. I missed our opportunity he waved to the crowd and his arm blocked my shot, all over in a flash .... ah well, there's' always next year.  Oh and just by chance we received something she asked for in her letter so there is no bigger believer at the moment.