As you might know one of my new years resolutions is to be more organised. So I decided to start on the smallest room in the house - my bathroom and work my way up. Before I just had everything lying all over the counter and there was a lot of clutter but since finding these acrylic storage pieces from MUJI everything now has a place. I love that these containers are see through so you know where everything is, and that you can mix and match these storage units to suit your belongings. Here is my layout below :


I don't own a lot of makeup so I opted for a smaller set of containers this is the Acrylic Box - 2 Drawers . I bought 2 and stacked one on top of the other. I have designated a drawer for Cheeks, face, lips and eyes and stacked my daily skincare on the top.

I always forget to wear my earrings and want to wear them more often so I though to display with the rest of my every day stuff. This is the Acrylic earring stand, you can also which I have done hang necklaces or bracelets I've hung some delicates pieces to prevent knots.

I have a few pairs of cheapo sunglasses I am either losing them or sitting on them so I decided to keep them stored away safe from my butt and where I can find them. This storage unit is the Acryclic Four Drawer Unit and can be used for virtually anything.

I can't find this organiser on the website but it is a cube shape with slots and I thought it would be perfect for me to store all my make up brushes, emery boards and utensils like tweezers and eye curler. In the front compartment I have kept my fav nail polish colours and some hair ties.

I keep my most personal jewels my wedding rings and pandora bracelet in this Palomas Nest Ring Bowl - we actually used this for our wedding it has the words to 'HAVE AND TO HOLD' with our wedding date engraved. This is a very special keepsake see this link to order your own PALOMAS NEST RING BOWLS

This is just a soap dish from Zara that I thought might make a nice little resting tray for my watches its the right length for them to stretch out on after a long day tsk tsk.