We took an overnight trip to visit friends and their not so new place anymore in Azallinet. A very peaceful cute little town of 400 people where you can pick berries straight from the trees, where the kids scooter up to the mobile baker who delivers breakfast, where the neighbours genorously share their produce, where the landscape is a nature lovers dream and where you can truly hear the sound of silence. where hammocks frame the fields and where kids play hopscotch in the street . Where time peels away while the beauty surrounds you, you soon that you realise something has to be said for the simple things in life of which we spent far too little time enjoying. We can't wait to visit this humble little home again and enjoy the simple things in life. 







With only 36 hours we managed to squeeze in a visit to Minerve a stunning town known to have a massacre and invasion through the crusades yet still standing today a surviving city perched over two rivers shows the testament to its strength. At the base are some nice watering holes and rock pools.






We also managed to visit Carcassone a fortified medieval city 45minutes from Azallinet and well worth the trip.. Walking through the gates of the city felt incredibly surreal we almost felt like we were on a movie set like the real life Arandale. From the outside the castle stands very still, tall and intimidating yet on the inside the little veins of the city are pumping with energy you can get a real feeling of the way people lived. Little stores sell medieval costumes and wares, and we managed to take in a cavalier show with some jousting an ice cream and some purchases. We definitely lacked exploring the city due to the number of tourists but that will be reserved for a future visit.