For an interesting new take on the flower centrepiece I'm taking it high I mean like chandelier high. if you have the time and are feeling creative you must try this ... think bridal/baby showers, a special dinner or birthday/tea parties these are girly, gorgeous and a bit bohemian.These will hang great from trees inside gazebos if you have one like we do or anywhere your imagination takes you. Let me take you through the steps:

You'll need

  • embriodery hoop I used a wooden 9inch hoop they come in a variety of sizes and are inexpensive
  • flowers (I used 18 flowers in total with 6 different types)
  • ribbon ( I used 2.5 metres which includes both hanging the flowers and chandelier) 
  • glue 
  • scissors 

To start take two peices of ribbon and cut exactly the same length. Unscrew the enbroidery hoop and seperate the two rings from each other, make a cross with the two ribbons then glue each end to the outside of the smaller ring. Once dry screw the larger hoop in place this will wedge the ribbon in between. Take another piece of ribbon place it under the point where the four points meet then tie a bow see image 2.

Trim back greenery if you need to. Using strands of ribbon simply tie one end to your flower and the other end to the embroidery hoop. Try varying lengths and being as symetrical as possible with the flowers as this will avoid it leaning to one side  A tip It helps to have the hoop hanging when applying the flowers.

Once complete It should look like this try to trim the ends as much as you can. As this is my first attempt the finishing on my chandelier is a little rustic with the ends of the ribbon visible next time I will go for a more polished look by either gluing the ribbon to the hoop so you don't see the ends, or even using fishing line -  the strands will not be as visible to the eye.

You can cover up your handiwork like I have above with some lace trim or some ribbon this also adds a soft touch to the finished product. Attatch by gluing the ribbon to the outter flat part of the hoop.