The last stop on our summer tour was Canada and we could finally put our feet firmly on the ground for a good two weeks.

We visit Canada once a year and although we stick to the usuals there we many firsts on this trip. We did a lot of bike riding, spent a beautiful day in the old town, saw a jaw dropping cirque du soleil  show but something I remember quite clearly is the maple madness that occurred this time round. We tried many new maple products and one that stays in my memory is the Maple flavoured fairy floss (or as the americans call it cotton candy and barbe a papa to the french/Quebecois) this is something else let me tell you I'm always an advocate for the original always being the best but on the occasion not the case.

One of my other favourite things about this visit was the afternoon we spent in Bic National Park - I don't know if it's an age thing but I am really starting to appreciate a more relaxed pace being surrounded by nature and its raw beauty  .. (yeh that does sound old and boring oh well). We hiked a small track for a couple of kilometres with a toddler and a heavily pregnant mother to be that was our limit but I was so enamoured with the smell of pine trees the tiny pinecones and the stunning landscapes and would you believe I spotted many potential xmas trees on that walk...... but something told me I wouldn't be able to smuggle them out of a National Park.

I love this side of Canada. Enjoy the photos!!

1. Beavertails, 2.-5 Surburban Quebec Mont St Ann 6. Poutine, 7-8. Cirque Du Soleil, 9-12, Vieux Quebec Chateaux Frontenac, 13. Bikes, 14-17. Bic National Park, 18. Brown Bear, 19. Corn, 20. Bic National Park, 21. Maple Madness 22-23. Bic National Park