I like this time of year I especially love seeing where everyone ends up on their summer break from the sand pitt whether that be : visiting home or taking a european/american vacay or embracing the cool temps. Essentially we are all doing the same thing, trying to chase the  sun or a more comfortable heat. We're in Canada our summer so far has been  :

 Road trippin with a pre-made playlist, the first taste of smores, a roll in sandy beaches, the serenity of an afternoon lake row, paging turning novels, the smell of pine trees, carnival hype, smoky BBQ flavours, sleepovers in Walmart, abundant animal encounters, knee deep wood foraging and fun quality time with family creating memories. 

Oh and by the way If your looking for some books to read or music to keep you company I got you covered see below


Coldplay - headfull of stars (Album)  / Lady Gaga - Joanne (Album) / Billy Joel - rock n roll - Tiny Dancer - Piano Man  / Wilson Phillips - Hold on / The Weekend - I feel it coming / Jane Arden - Insensitive / Cyndi Lauper I drove all night -/ Fleetwood Mac - Rumours  (Album) / INXS - Kick (Album) / Guns n Roses - Sweet Child of mine - Patience /   U2 - Joshua Tree  - War - Achtung Baby  (Albums) / Lenny Kravitz - Fly /  Miley Cryus - Malibu / 


I've sped read 5 books in the last couple of weeks, time spent on the road allowed me to indulge in a story ........or 5. I have added them below because they all come highly recommended by me, and to be honest rate well with high reviews. These books are page turners the ones you can't put down. I especially enjoyed Crazy Rich Asians, The Couple Next Door and Behind Closed Doors... this is typically my style twisty tales that keep you guessing right till the last page.