Okay I know I am gonna sound like a hippy, but I think I've just found meditation and whats so ironic I've found it on the least zen place you can think of..... the internet. Let me introduce you to it is both a website and downloadable app that allows you to either sleep, be calm, relax, or meditate in as little as 2mins but also in intervals of 5,10,15 all the way up to 20mins. 

I have been feeling a bit sluggish of late probably due to diet lack of exercise and sleep (my fault) but is probably more to do with age tsk tsk I thought this could be one of many solutions and have been using it for the last few days. My teenage self as I clearly remember in school would be giggling or sneaking a peek through supposed closed eyes to see who was actually taking this stuff seriously but it seems my mature self can now appreciate, enjoy and see the benefits. I started with 10mins in the middle of the day to recharge my batteries while my baby is sleeping. There are many ways to enjoy this you can select a guided relaxation where someone talks you through relaxing your body or you can just be still & be mesmerised by the many different nature scenes like clouds rolling, water drops falling, or star gazing close your eyes at your desk and switch off even for 2mins. Some of my favourite tracks are 'love and devotion', 'rapture' ,and sweet stillness' my favourite landscapes are the rain falling on trees (we don't get much rain here) and the Canadian woods surrounded in fog.. it's eerie and beautiful you can skip tracks or just listen to the sounds of nature with no background music.

This is super easy to use self explanatory and is definitely a must for anyone with a high charged job it can be like I mentioned a great way to recharge or to unwind after a bad day, leave it on around the house or fall asleep to the sound of nature. I have read reviews most people are very happy with the free app but there is the option to upgrade if you want a more advanced yogi experience. Peace Out People x