So it's the second time in the past few weeks I have been asked Where's your business card?? What business card?? I'm not a professional !!! I am told even a blogger needs one ...makes perfect sense but  I am surprised in this ever changing tech world and these environmentally friendly times the business card still comes out trumps

So in a bid to keep up and have the right answer the next time someone asks, I am going to design my own card ...I got to researching if you know me I love all things quirky and something that stands out. On this occasion because I am in a hurry to have them and cannot come up with something quite right yet I am going to go simple with Desert Dweller title and a camel embossed on the front and all my detail on the back. I am however going to try this idea of having coloured edges, perhaps orange seems like a desert colour to me. 

In the future I was thinking to having some texture you can feel on the card like ripples of sand. But for now I will leave you with some really cool ideas I found through my research, some people have very creative minds.