I stumbled across this great little place about a month ago and have been dying to share it with you. It's called Bounce and I think the name pretty much gives away the concept. If you didn't guess already its an indoor trampoline park located in Dubai and it's whole lotta fun !!! Of course I'm no stranger to the trampoline in fact I was giddy with excitement to hear that I could play out my childhood obsession again. Upon entering the building you soon find out that Bounce has something for everyone where do I even start 

You can either Freestyle on over 80 connected tramps, experiment with flips and tricks on the big bag - a bag filled with air amidst a foam pit for safe landings, play dodgeball, slam dunk a basketball or take a fitness class on trampolines. It even caters for the little ones with Mini Bounce lessons and more experienced professionals with performance trampolines. To be honest it was a fun day out to watch in awe at the the talent, to take part, and to tire me out even my usually reserved husband even took part. 

The cost to fly like superman is 80DHS per hour and complimentary crazy socks are provided with entrance for more information on all things Bounce check out both their facebook page and website.

Hope you enjoy the photos below you'll see I took a fall and face planted it on the big bag.... laughs all round oh and the conclusion I didn't bounce like the old days in fact the trampoline out bounced me this time ... I'll have to fix that. See you again soon Bounce!!