That time has finally come for us to say goodbye to the Middle East for a couple of weeks. It's all palm trees, sand in the toes, cocktails and pipelines from now ....well after 2 eight hour flights and a quick stop for authentic sushi in Japan .... the things we do for Paradise. 

I have a few pre programmed posts that will come out whilst we are away so don't think I am working hard it's more hardly working.... in the meantime I will also be sending some postcards and photo diaries from the trip, I am sure I'll find some down time for that. 

It might be good to take a small break from each other .... but as terminator once said I"ll be back ... and it's not back with a vengeance more like some jet lag.

Speaking of airports and planes see below some amazing ariels views

Till then Aloha (that's a goodbye aloha just so we're on the same page)!!!!