Our backyard cinema officially opened it's doors last week and we hosted it's first screening The Wolf of Wall Street. This is a looooong movie and I guess it was so comfy cause I snoozed through the last 45minutes but I heard it was good. We are still having some chilly nights here so what a perfect way to rug up under the stars in the comfort of our own backyard. With so many quality movies on my to watch list this certainly is only the beginning of the open air cinema season. Building a backyard cinema is really easy my husband is responsible for ours he built a simple frame and attached a white black out blind to act as a screen however you could just use a white cement wall or bed sheet. All you need to do is download a good movie and hire a projector. Ohh and nothing is more necessary than good movie treats .... namely Popcorn, which brings me to part 2 of this blog post!!!.... SEE AFTER THE PHOTOS BELOW 

Nothing goes hand in hand more than movies and popcorn, I am personally a huge fan of plain old butter however I was scouring the Internet for something a little different for our backyard cinema night and came away with a few different flavour combinations for you to try.  See the link to the recipes below.

Cinnamon Sugar Popcorn Recipe 

Spiced Popcorn Recipe 

Maple Rosemary Popcorn Recipe

If you in a rush it is also perfectly okay to buy a few microwave bags and add some mix ins whether that be spice, chocolate or toppings like caramel really the choice is yours and nothing is too crazy believe me I've done some research and you won't believe what I've seen.