It's our little girls 1st birthday in a few days and she loves nothing more than shoes, carrying them round the house, eating them or just playing with them. She has also been walking for a little while barefoot but needs to get used to some shoes. So in an effort to not just buy something I thought I could put a little spin on the old converse. i would love to say the idea was mine but I came across this in DB Babies Boutique and loved them but thought the 700DHS ($150.00) price tag was a bit too step. I'm not shy to DIY and love a challenge so I must share with you this cute idea and even better its an easy 3 step process, although the beaded part requires a little patience and a steady hand. 


I'm pretty sure she will be distracted by her new shiny toes below and it just might turn out to be more of a hinderance than a help.  I am also hoping it will be a nice keepsake for her glory box when she grows older!

  And these are one of her birthday present so be sure not to spill to her!!!


Here's what you'll need"

  • Pair of Baby Converse 
  • Superglue  
  • Rhinestones (mine were2.5mm and I used approx 350) 
  • Tweezers  
  • Pink Ribbon ( I took 3m which was more than enough) 
  • Parchment Paper


1. Take out the shoelaces I found it easier to work with, this way.... it's not a must just my preference!  

2. Place parchment paper on the table, set out your rhinestones and squirt a few drops at a time of superglue to something plastic that you can throw out after use.Using the tweezers dip the rhinestones in superglue covering the flat  surface and place onto the rubber toe area. My advice is to follow the curve of the toe area there is a ledge they will sit on and combined with the glue will set nicely. As you progress each row will create a ledge for the next to sit above. I found two or three rows around the entire toe area worked well and then I filled in the outline. It creates a nice pattern and looks neater this way than randomly placed on.


3. Using the ribbon lace up your shoes alternatively you can keep the original laces I don't mind them either way. I think the pink ribbon adds a more feminine touch. I also like lacing them across as opposed to the criss cross method, once again personal preference. Voila