Okay I know we just got back from Hawaii so why the rush for another getaway.... well when you have almost 4 days spare and the creativity in trying to keep cool in the 40 degree heat is waning it tends to send you somewhere like Atlantis.. . We took advantage of a great 2 night rate with the idea of becoming mermaids in the water... that was until our lil girl contracted conjunctivitis the day we arrived. Haaa ... Nothing like kids to put a spanner in the works. Not to worry we did our very best keeping heads above water. 

The Atlantis resort is pure opulence !!! The resort it self is on such a grand scale it feels like it belongs in Vegas, everywhere you look there is extended ceilings with chandeliers grand artwork and floor to ceiling windows which showcase the Dubai Skyline. I can't even imagine the man power behind making this operation run but it is certainly there....and we were thankful for that as we did not lift a finger those 3 days. 

We spent out days running between the hotel room for afternoon naps and activities as there is just so much to do. Get this if being connected to a water park isn't enough you can visit dolphin bay & interact and swim with the dolphins (tick), check out the lost chambers which houses both an enormous aquarium and 40 other small tanks of beautiful fish, zip-line within the resort, play table tennis, tan on Nasimi Beach, jump on the monorail, swim in  2 of the hotels pools or dine at one of their 19 restaurants and bars whilst dropping your children off at the kids club which has a rock climbing wall etc. 

We left feeling relaxed despite the above but will return with unfinished business and hopefully no conjunctivitis. As of now it's back to the grind of washing our own beach towels and cooking our own breakfast which isn't even half as appealing as the sound of a giant chocolate fondue tower ... yep for breakfast!!! unbelievable but once you visit this place you'll realise nothing is too out of this world. 

I was so very lucky thanks to Dolphin Bay to spend some time with these incredible mammals beyond believe at their talent and intelligence. This one here, Central is the same age as me without a wrinkle insight and will probably outlive me .... maybe it's down to their diet (and the consumption of fish oil). If you get a chance it is a lovely experience not to be missed. The staff take great care extending their lives beyond that in the wild and are extremely knowledgeable.... I certainly learnt a lot this day. Both husband and daughter passed up this offer but were happy to view from the surrounding beach as you can too.