So I am sure you have noticed for sometime a whole bunch of blow up tubes on Corniche, we've been asking ourselves the question whats is it for a while now so thought we'd check it out. It's called Aquafun and is a blown up water park and outdoor recreational playground... oh and it's a lot of fun. How it works you pay 20DHS for entry which includes 2 tokens and then just like a carnival you buy tokens for individual rides. We chose the big slides the velcro suit and the water park. The big slides are fun and fast they are a must. The Velcro suit however good in theory is not so easy. My pick for sure is the water park if there is one ride you must do. It is an obstacle course set above the water and is a real test of your skills. You might have seen a similar tv show with this idea and whilst I always thought it can't be that hard I found out it is. There were lots of falls but more laughs and I would do it again & again & again!

Aquafun is open from 2pm and whilst it is fairly new it does come with some issues like no secure area for your bags whilst your on rides or a place to sit and relax in between rides. We were told however they are working on ironing these things out so the potential is there. Whilst they cater for smaller children with a small section of blow up jumping castles it is definitely more suited for teenagers and above.