Some of you may not even be aware so it's like a two in one announcement but 3 becomes 4 in our household come fact a couple of days before my birthday what a gift. We have actually been trying to tell people as we see them instead of a message or facebook announcement so I apologise if we didn't get round to seeing you or you didn't hear via the grapevine. Fact is second time round you become a bit blase. life is a little busier. Despite all this I have to tell you we have been waiting for a arduous month now to find out the boy /girl verdict, with being on holidays and missing that scan appointment I wanted to make it an extra special moment. I must say I admire all those with the will power to withstand 9 months.

I just have to share this funny story with you. I thought it would make a nice surprise for my husband and I to find out the sex on Xmas day lets face it this day is not really for adults anymore we are all exhausted a couple of hours into the day with a 4am start lol, I thought we could have something to be anxious and excited about waiting for us under the christmas tree for a change. So here was my plan: seemed simple to me. I took my doctors appointment and told him to write down the sex on the card and seal the envelope 7 days it sat in the house tempting me more than a freshly glazed Krispy Kreme and I know how that usually turns out. I took it to the party shop and asked the lady to fill a box with helium balloons either blue for a boy or pink for a girl depending on what the card had written, when she asked what colour to put in the box alarm bells should have rung, but we went through it again and she agreed it was a lovely idea. 

On Christmas day we pottered around a little, thoughts in my head is 3 women too much for my husband?, what the hell do I do with that little pee pee,, kicking footballs or tying ballet slippers??? and finally we decided to do pop open the present I had visions of a certain colour floating to the ceiling (anyone who knows me will know the preference), so here's what happened we opened the box to find 10 air filled flat to the ground balloons every colour of the rainbow .....baffled  we're going to have a rainbow baby baby ??? or twins or a he/she or a she/he as it turns out someone didn't understand my directions after all but lucky she left the envelope inside .... the verdict listen to your husband and keep it simple he said for sure something would go wrong which I really couldn't see how .... could it have been so hard for us to just open the envelope ....I think not, me and my elaborate plans hahaah. We had a good chuckle and most importantly we are more than thrilled at the outcome. Scroll below to find out.

That question still lingers how will my husband deal with the 3 of us.... I guess he's got the right job after all when the oestrogen levels get too high he can LITERALLY just fly out of here.